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Health + Care

Your floor solution especially for hospitals, practices and the care area.


In the medical and healthcare sectors, everyone and everything must be 100% functional every single day. The working environment and equipment must be practical, hygienic, hard-wearing and economical and it should ideally also look good.
PURLINE organic flooring is a true all-rounder, fulfilling all of these requirements and a few more
besides, making it a powerful service provider for hospitals, doctors' practices, ambulatory healthcare centres, medical centres, rehabilitation centres and retirement homes.


Our outstanding, unique flooring fulfils all of the complex
requirements of the health sector and therefore provides the best foundations.

  • Suitable for virtually any application and offering outstanding performance
  • Easily meets numerous building, safety and hygiene requirements
  • Flooring is extremely durable and guaranteed to be low-maintenance
  • 100% made in Germany – from the development stage through to production
  • Naturally: Ecology and sustainability right at your feet

PURLINE organic flooring in use

PURLINE organic flooring – an impressive foundation:

  • Meets strict hygiene standards and is extremely easy to disinfect
  • Resistant to all standard cleaning agents and disinfectants, alcohol and contrast agents on the VAH/DGHM (German hygiene associations) and RKI lists (taking into account the exposure time and application concentrations)
  • Presents no health risk as free from chlorine, solvents and plasticisers
  • Very wear-resistant and durable while also being particularly pleasant to stand and walk on
  • No imprints are left behind, even by heavy appliances thanks to a resilience level close to 100%

PURLINE organic flooring – naturally unique

PURLINE organic flooring is probably the most environmentally-friendly elastic flooring currently available on the market. It is made from natural and renewable materials, contains no toxic additives and is the perfect solution for a variety of situations and applications.

To sum up:

  • It is made from renewable raw materials and natural fillers
  • Rapeseed or castor oil is used instead of petrochemicals
  • It is without the addition of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents
  • Completely odour-neutral and emission-free
  • Naturally fully recyclable and easy to dispose of
  • Has received numerous prizes, awards and certifications – from the German Blue Angel seal to the Greenguard logo

The right flooring for every situation

PURLINE organic flooring can be used for an endless variety of applications – from reception areas or patients' rooms to entire functional and technical areas through to corridors and emergency escape routes.

Our elastic flooring easily meets a wide variety of performance requirements. This makes our PURLINE organic flooring impressively versatile and naturally overall the best foundation for modern working and living.

wineo Bodenbelag hell im Krankenhaus mit Pflanzen

For areas subject to a high level of stress, such as corridors, PURLINE organic flooring is particularly suitable.

wineo Bodenbelag grün im Altenheim mit Rolator

Our flooring is gentle on the ankles and can support the recovery process.

wineo Bodenbelag Holzoptik in der Küche im Altenheim

Hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important in spaces such as common rooms. For such areas, PURLINE can be supplied in a rolled version.

wineo Bodenbelag Holzoptik wohnlich im Krankenhaus

With over 80 decors to choose from, a homely atmosphere is always easy to achieve, making patients feel at ease.